Nope, we’re not talking about skincare for cyclists…

Can you recall the period of your adolescence, that challenging puberty phase that’s characterised by uncontrollable hormonal changes? Those were the days dealing with sudden and intense breakouts, inflamed pimples, excessive oiliness of the skin, unsightly marks left behind by acne lesions, and more…

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Regrettably, these hormones can continue to adversely affect your skin even now. This is why you might encounter increased acne breakouts just before your menstrual cycle, serving as an indicator that your period is approaching.

However the good news is, it’s not all doom and gloom. Predictability can actually be beneficial, enabling you to instinctively adjust your skincare routine to synchronise with the fluctuations of your hormones.

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Introducing cycle syncing

Allow us to introduce cycle syncing, a technique that aligns your skincare routine with your menstrual cycle, which is commonly broken down into 4 predictable phases. This approach aims to anticipate breakouts, dryness and lacklustre skin, empowering you to take proactive measures and guide your skin clear of issues.

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Continue reading to delve into the finer details of how to effectively practice cycle syncing.

Phase 1. Menstruation (Day 1-7)

In this phase, levels of estrogen and progesterone are diminished, rendering your skin highly sensitive and delicate. This is the moment to abstain from using intense active ingredients such as exfoliating acids or retinoids. Instead, focus on prioritising hydration, nourishment and the rejuvenation of your skin.

The drop in estrogen and progesterone levels can also result in excessive dryness, dullness, and increased fatigue in your skin. It is recommended to incorporate facial oils and richer creams, or overnight sleeping masks into your routine.

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Phase 2. Follicular Phase (Post-Menstruation) (Day 7-14)

With the gradual increase in estrogen levels accompanied by a decrease in progesterone, your skin effortlessly looks its best during this period, exuding a natural glow from within. And there’s really nothing much you need to do, except to maintain its luminosity. Consider integrating brightening products and reintroducing exfoliants containing acids to prolong and enhance this glow. This is also an opportune time for you to try out new skincare products you’ve been eyeing for a while.

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Phase 3: Ovulation (Day 13-15)

As estrogen levels rise, the increase in testosterone levels signals a gradual shift towards oilier skin, which could potentially result in future breakouts. During this period, you should prioritise exfoliation as a means to unclog pores and address acne concerns that could occur in the next phase.

It’s also crucial to maintain an equilibrium between the levels of moisture and sebum in the skin. That’s why it’s recommended to start incorporating hydrating skincare into your routine and opt for lightweight, water-based products in this phase.

Your search ends here with our ActivCalm Skin Quenching Serum that’s enriched with an assortment of Natural Moisturising Factors (NMFs) such as amino acids, electrolytes and Pyroglutamic acid (PCA). These elements function like magnets, drawing in and preserving hydration, ultimately yielding an outcome akin to consuming eight glasses of water. Sounds like a definite yes, doesn’t it?

Regardless of how oily your skin might be, it’s imperative to never skip moisturising. Choose one that’s non-comedogenic like our ActivCalm Anti-Stress Hydra Cream. This lightweight moisturiser melts into your skin like a dream, hydrating parched skin while alleviating irritations and shielding against pollutants, all without burdening the skin. Phewwww!

Another important point to consider is scheduling your facial treatment during your ovulation cycle for optimal results. It’s generally not advised to undergo a facial treatment while menstruating, as your skin tends to be more sensitive and prone to potential flare-ups during this time.

On the contrary, most breakouts lurk beneath the skin’s surface for days before becoming visible. Therefore, it’s wise to schedule a facial approximately two weeks before or after your period. This strategic timing allows you to take proactive measures against acne breakouts that commonly emerge just before menstruation, i.e. when you’re PMS-ing.

Phase 4. Lutheral Phase (Pre-Menstruation) (Day 15-28)

This is the most dreaded phase in our monthly cycle, when our skin becomes most volatile and all hell breaks loose. As the premenstrual phase sets in, estrogen levels start to decrease, which oftentimes lead to acne due to the corresponding rise in progesterone.

Additionally, an imbalance in testosterone can also serve as a trigger, causing skin to become oily and pimples to emerge. Now is the best time to incorporate skincare products with anti-inflammatory properties to effectively curb breakouts.

Equip yourself with the ultimate skin armour, our PurClear AntiAcne Serum, which has a blend of Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Alpine Willowherb Extract to pacify acne-causing bacteria. Its time-released pore-penetrating Salicylic Acid (BHA) aids in exfoliating and clearing clogged pores, effectively reducing acne. Stay prepared to win the battle against acne!

For an extra layer of defense, level up your anti-acne game with our PurClear Multi-Biotic Balancing Cream. Formulated with a 2% combination of pre- and postbiotic bioactives, this cream is designed to combat breakouts. It works by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria while suppressing the undesirable ones, restoring the balance of the skin’s microbiome. Say hello to clear, happy and healthy skin.

And to complete the lineup, don’t forget to incorporate our acne-skin saviour, the PurClear Detoxifying Mask at least twice a week. Awarded the “Best Clarifying Mask” by Men’s Folio, it is formulated with Mandelic Acid (AHA) and Advanced Salicylic Acid (BHA). In tandem, it draws out impurities embedded within your pores without stripping your skin’s moisture or causing any irritations. Emerge victorious in your war against acne!

While cycle syncing allows you to be more in-tune with your hormonal needs and better manage your skin, you should always start by diligently keeping track of your regular menstrual cycle before you can tailor your skincare rituals to the ebbs and flows of your cycle. In time to come, you can finally keep those pesky hormonal breakouts at bay!

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Go on and embark on your journey of cycle syncing!

In good hands,