Welcome to the futuristic world of beauty 2.0

The future of skincare has become smarter in this digital age! If you’ve ever watched a sci-fi movie depicting futuristic living, we are now one step closer to it with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the beauty narrative.

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Curious to see what happens when tech meets beauty? We’re delving into the fascinating realm of AI skin analysis — a groundbreaking landscape that transforms the way we identify and address skin problems with personalised insights and tailored solutions. Dive deep into this blog to explore a new era of #skintelligence that goes beyond the surface of your skin.

Let’s demystify why we need to analyse our skin

Determining your intrinsic skin type marks one of the most fundamental steps and serves as the gateway to unlocking the secrets of your skin. This knowledge extends beyond mere vanity because each skin type — whether it’s oily, dry, combination, normal, or sensitive — comes with its own set of specific needs and vulnerabilities. Tapping into this information provides valuable insights into your skin’s behaviours, tendencies, and potential problems.

Beyond our pre-determined genetic makeup at birth, it’s crucial to recognise the impact of extrinsic factors on our skin conditions. While a pair of twins may share identical DNA and genetic codes, dynamic elements such as climate and lifestyle can influence their skin differently. This is where skin analysis plays a crucial role—it helps detect early potential skin issues. By understanding these early signs, you empower yourself to make informed choices, implement preventive measures, and seek professional advice for optimal skin health.

#Skintelligence Decoded

Decoding your skin’s language in the digital age is now as easy as a click of a button. If you’re picturing ‘robots’ in the skin analysis process, it’s not quite what you might think. So, how does it actually work?

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AI skin analysis involves the use of algorithms and computer vision to recognise patterns, textures, and characteristics of the skin. This technology assesses and identifies the condition of an individual’s skin through a skin machine, which combines image capturing, machine learning, and data processing. This innovative approach allows for a more objective and data-driven evaluation of various aspects of the skin, including wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, acne, pores, hydration levels, and more.

Showdown Between AI & Old-School Diagnostics:

As we conclude this discussion, it becomes evident that both approaches bring unique strengths to the table, each offering distinct insights into the world of skin diagnostics.

However, the trophy goes to none other than AI skin analysis, which transcends and goes beyond the naked eye. It stands out as the trailblazer, with the ability to process vast amounts of information, creating a customised approach like never before. The precision and efficiency are simply unparalleled, representing a notable leap forward in the quest for an optimised skincare routine.

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Experience the power of AI at Estetica

Unravel your skin’s health with Estetica’s AI skin analysis, employing three distinct light spectrums – RGB Visible Light, PL Polarised Light, and UV Spectrum Imaging Technology – to capture comprehensive images of different depths of your skin.

Under these different light spectrums, the following 10 crucial skin dimensions are analysed:

  1. Pores
  2. Acne-Causing Bacteria
  3. Blemishes
  4. Pigmentation
  5. Moisture
  6. Wrinkles
  7. Skin Elasticity
  8. UV Damage
  9. Skin Sensitivity
  10. Skin Metabolism

The most intriguing part for most customers is its Smart Predictive Ageing Technology, which unveils the true age and future potential of their skin. Who wouldn’t want their skin’s age to defy the biological clock? To wrap it up, it also offers quick and accurate assessments, as well as treatment and product recommendations based on your results. 

As much as Estetica relies on AI for advanced skin analysis, we also do not leave out the tactile hands-on examination, palpating the skin’s texture and uncovering what AI may have missed out on with a timeless human touch. 

Experience a harmonious blend and synergy between the intelligence of algorithms and the nuanced understanding that only comes from seasoned hands. If you’re ready for the “moment of truth”, com’on down to Estetica for a complimentary consultation at any of our outlets with a skin analysis that is scientifically assessed and expertly performed by our team of professionals. 

In Good Hands,