Simply Her Interview with Alice Ho, aesthetician and Estetica Outlet Manager

Who: Alice Ho, aesthetician and Estetica Outlet Manager

Slough Off Dead Skin Cells
“I exfoliate my skin once a week, focusing on blackhead-prone areas such as the nose and chin. However, I am careful not to over-scrub. This will remove the skin’s natural protective layer and cause it to product more sebum.”

Apply Anti-Acne Serum
“I apply ést.lab Purclear Anti-acne Serum, $152 (30ml), daily. It is formulated with salicylic acid to deeply penetrate pores, reduce excess sebum and clarify skin.”

Eliminate Bacteria

ést.lab Purclear Nano Silver Essence Ag+, $89 (30ml), works wonders to prevent the formation of blackheads and acne, thanks to its antibacterial properties. Enriched with botanical extracts, it also heals, hydrates and softens skin.”

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Do Your Own Extraction

“To extract blackheads at home, first cleanse your hands with an antibacterial hand wash to prevent infection. Next, use a facial steamer to open the pores and soften surface skin. Alternatively, placing a hot towel on your face has a similar effect. Squeeze blackheads gently with a clean cotton pad to avoid damaging your skin. After extraction, don’t forget to slather on an astringent lotion to close the pores, and an antibacterial soothing gel to calm redness and accelerate healing.”

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Make Time For Regular Facials

“I schedule an Estetica Acne-biotic Facial ($250 for 90 minutes), at least once a month to get rid of blackheads and decongest pores. I love the thorough extraction, pore-minimising serum, and rejuvenating mask. Together, they leave my skin crystal clear and silky smooth.”

Info Source: 2016 November Issue: Simply Her