5 ways to keep pimples at bay. 

In this new-norm where we have to be constantly wearing a mask to protect ourselves from COVID-19, some of us are experiencing a new form of acne (informally known as mask-ne) due to the built-up of heat and humidity between the mask and our skin. It makes our skin more prone to redness, irritation and acne. 

But even without the mask, some of us are already experiencing breakouts on a regular basis and on really bad days, we just want to hide under our blankets. And it can affect anyone – even superstars with access to the top dermatologists in the world. Kendall Jenner addressed critics of her skin at the Golden Globes by saying “Never let that sh*t stop you.” You go, girl!

New Zealand pop star Lorde has been opening up about her own acne battle for  “years and years and years” and is letting people know she doesn’t need any unsolicited advice, #thanksbutnothanks. The singer let out all her grievances of dealing with acne in an Instagram story saying, “For the real though, acne sucks.

YES! Dealing with acne is no easy feat, especially when we are constantly faced with perfectly-curated Instagram feeds. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy and most times, even the most expensive makeup can’t cover up those spots and splotches. While we do not possess any instant formula, here are five ways that can help you keep those pesky zits at bay:

1. Watch What You Consume: If you are prone to breakouts, try making changes to your diet. As there’s evidence that both high glycemic index foods, as well as dairy products, can potentially cause breakouts, keeping a good diet can make a lot of difference to your skin condition. Of course, the one thing which never fails would be to drink plenty of water, so your body can flush out the toxins within. But more than just water, make sure you include sufficient greens in your meals, avoid excessive greasy food, red meat and sugars (yes, that means you need to try to keep unnecessary snacking to a minimum)!

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2. Change Your Pillowcase Often: One of the biggest causes of breakouts is dirty pillowcases. When you sleep, your face is rubbed across the pillowcase which is host to a mirage of germs and bacteria. From drool that catches on your pillowcase when you’re sleeping, sebum secretion from both your face and scalp, to the products we apply and leave overnight on our skin and hair, as well as other residual germs from the air, the buildup is plenty enough to cause a volcano of breakout. We say change your pillowcase at least once a week and daily if you feel up to it.

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3. Don’t Touch Your Face: Pimples are literally the bane of our existence and the urge to squeeze and pop them is real. However, that could just be the worst idea, ever! Take a hint from Demi Lovato – “I get clogged pores, and my problem is I pick, if I didn’t pick, it would stay pretty clear.” Your hands are filled with germs and bacteria you cannot see (especially more so in this pandemic), and these would easily irritate and cause inflammation to your pimples when you squeeze or even just touch them. In fact, you may just be doing yourself a disservice as redness, blemishes and scars are more likely to be left behind. Trying to squeeze a pimple might just result in bigger problems as bacteria may spread and get into other pores, leading to more acne.

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4. Using The Right Products: There are skincare products, and then there are skincare products tailored for acne skin. It is important to make sure you are using the right products so that you can successfully and efficiently combat your acne woes. Make sure to use products which are not too harsh or too oily as they can have an adverse effect causing further breakouts we definitely do not want!

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ést.lab has recently launched 2 new products, the PurClear Anti-Acne Serum and the PurClear Detoxifying Mask, which is a pore-purging pair that promises stronger, healthier and smoother-looking skin. 

The PurClear Anti-Acne Serum, a gentle yet potent serum aids to ease inflammation, regulate sebum production, minimise pores and fight breakouts for a healthy-looking complexion. Suitable for users who are looking to reduce and control the appearance of blemishes and oily skin. This is a highly suitable serum to be wearing under your mask, to prevent your pores from clogging, and keeping your skin fresh throughout the day!

The PurClear Detoxifying Mask is a purifying mask to deep cleanse, exfoliate and soothe skin redness and acts as a vacuum to the pores to draw out excess oil and toxins and combat congestion. Use it twice a week on cleansed skin, and leave on for 20 minutes before washing off for smoother, clearer skin! Tackle mask-ne with this clay mask, and trust us, your skin will thank you for it!⠀

Unlike regular anti-acne solutions that can be drying and harsh, this PurClear duo is specially formulated even for those with sensitive and reactive skin with its innovative, gentle and non-dehydrating formulation.

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5. Leave It To The Professionals: Occasional pimples may pass but when you’re persistently plagued by endless breakouts, you may be suffering from acne. And here is one of the biggest lies about acne: “It will pass.” 

Many people who suffer from chronic acne feel depressed as if they are in a constant losing battle. Don’t “wait and see” when it comes to acne – engage the service of your most trusted aesthetician. It is important that your blackheads/whiteheads/pimples are extracted in the correct manner to prevent scars from being left behind, and here at Estetica, we pride ourselves at being good with our handiwork. Embark on this skincare journey with us and you can be sure that your painful acne days are finally behind you. Check out the story of one of our participants who took part in the #JourneywithEstetica programme below:

You can also leave your acne woes behind with Estetica’s Acne Biotic Facial, which is a specialised treatment targeted to control excess sebum production and combat acne-prone skin, coupled with both balancing and mattifying action. Sign up here to enjoy the treatment at an exclusive trial price of $98 (U.P. $280). 

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