Countdown to Christmas: D-18

Christmas is just less than three weeks away, and amidst all that crazy Christmas party prep, one big question always linger at the back of our minds – what Christmas gift should we get for our loved ones?

Gifting is something done out of love, and yet it could be one of the toughest things to do, not just because looking for that perfect gift isn’t the easiest thing ever, but also because getting the right gift meant for that special someone could be tricky.

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This Christmas, let us give you a helping hand in curating the ultimate gift guide for your loved ones.

For your Mum:

As with all women, there is but just one goal in life – to age gracefully. And to achieve that, a good skincare regime, is without a doubt, the number one step to attaining it. By maintaining a flawless complexion, and keeping fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin at bay, one would definitely be within reach of that goal. With that in mind, we recommend our ést.lab Christmas Uplift Beauty Gift Set.

Comprising of the Skin Revive Cleansing Milk, Multi-Recharge Lifting Cream and Brillage Nano Bio-cellulose Mask, all from the VitaLift A+ range, this set of premium anti-ageing skincare products promises to firm saggy skin, erase fine lines and brighten dull and lacklustre skin. This gift set worth SGD 332 is now available at just SGD 220 at all Estetica outlets islandwide or you can purchase it online and get it delivered to your doorstep for free!

For your Dad:

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Dads are usually the first figure in your life who persuade, cajole, and possibly even force you into getting your general knowledge up to date. And by this, we mean getting you to watch the news with him, read the papers, and even engage in discussions on these topics. And what better way to fuel his thirst for general knowledge then to gift him with a digital news subscription! This way, you can not only get your dad to be eco-friendly, by saving on purchasing the papers, but also share the subscription with him! Yes, this would then allow for more conversational topics between the both of you other than “How’s your day?”, and “Have you had your meal?”.

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For your Kids:

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If you haven’t already gotten a present for your children, we’ll recommend gifting something that allows them to acquire a life skill, such as a bicycle. Besides the physical gift itself, the time you will spend with them, teaching them how to ride that bike – will be irreplaceable. More often than not, we’re too caught up with our busy schedules to spend quality time with our children, and unwittingly miss a lot of milestones in their growing-up years. This Christmas, give them not just a present, but the gift of your time too!

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For your Girlfriend:

Trust us when we say skincare is a better choice of gift than makeup is. To a girl, having good skin is like having the world in your hands. And to be honest, makeup can only do that much to cover up bad skin. We recommend our ést.lab Restore Beauty Gift Set from our Christmas collection.

The Restore Gift Set is a hydrating skincare set, comprising of the Gentle Cleansing Milk and Anti-Stress Hydra Cream from the ActivCalm range, along with 3 pieces of the VitaLift A+ Brillage Nano Bio-cellulose Mask. The ActivCalm range is specially formulated to lock in moisture for dehydrated skin, restoring skin’s healthy glow. Perfect for daily usage to soothe and hydrate the skin from within. This can be purchased for SGD 180 (worth SGD 243) at all Estetica outlets islandwide, or on our eshop.

For your Boyfriend:

Not all boyfriends are created the same, and while some may be sporty and prefer the outdoors, others might enjoy staying in on a weekend to catch up on the latest release of FIFA on the Xbox or play DOTA with their friends. So there’s definitely no one size fits all when it comes to deciding on a gift for your boyfriend. However, one thing we know for sure is that we wouldn’t want our boyfriends to be uncontactable, especially when we need a listening ear. So, a little gift that could prevent that, would be a portable charger for them to bring along at all times. This way, they will never have the excuse that their phones ran out of battery!

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Beauty with a Cause

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Christmas is synonymous with the season of giving and sharing. As a part of our annual efforts to give back to society, Estetica has put together two ést.lab gift sets, Restore and Uplift, whereby 10% of the proceeds from the sale of these Christmas gift boxes will be donated to our supported charity, Association for Persons with Special Needs ( All you have to do is choose your supported charity upon carting out, and we will do the rest! In the spirit of Christmas, join us, as we spread some cheer to the underprivileged and give back to those in need! 

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In good hands,