If only it’s that easy to get rid of the toxic people in our lives…

When one mentions detox, the first thing people usually think of is fasting. While fasting helps to lessen the burden of toxin accumulation within the body, it is actually not necessary if you’re healthy. 

In healthy people, all that’s needed to promote detoxification is to support your body by following a nutrient-rich diet, staying sufficiently hydrated, getting enough rest and of course, avoiding vices such as smoking (vaping included!) and excessive drinking.

If you’re always binging on processed food (e.g. instant noodles, canned food, microwave-ready food, fast food, pastries, cakes etc.), your body is probably working overtime to break down toxins and wastes to be removed from your body.

Throw in our daily exposure to insidious chemicals from the environment (no thanks to microplastics…), plus the internal toxins that are produced as byproducts of natural biological processes, our bodies seriously need a break. 

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An over-accumulation of toxins in your body may potentially disrupt the level of hormones and enzymes in your body, lower your metabolic rate and impair your immune system, damage your cells and even haze you with free radicals to prevent your body from operating at optimum strength and efficiency. 

So how do you tell when your body’s detoxification is overloaded and needs a little help? 

#1 If your muscles are aching more than usual after a workout

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You already know that your body produces lactic acid as a byproduct from intensive training and exercise. It’s created when your body breaks down glucose and other carbohydrates to fuel your muscles for that extra energy that your body needs during training. 

Not to worry, a healthy body can easily remove lactic acid in your bloodstream through your kidneys and it does not cause damage to your body. However, if your workout is causing you muscle soreness to the point it’s becoming painful or even incapacitating, there’s when you need to slow down and get some help to soothe the aches.

#2 If you’re suffering from headaches and migraines

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One of the causes of both tension headaches and migraines is the retention of toxins within the central nervous system. These chemical irritants may cause an over-sensitivity of nerve tissues to other stimuli, causing headaches and migraines. 

So before you go for any MRI or CT scan, you may want to first try out a detox therapy. It’s time to purge them all out! But of course if you’ve any known medical conditions, please seek medical assistance immediately!

#3 If you’re not getting enough sleep

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Your body naturally detoxifies itself while it sleeps. A good night’s rest can clear your mind and reset your mood as it has healing and restorative benefits. On the contrary, if you’ve not been getting enough sleep, a detox therapy may be needed to compensate for the beauty sleep you’ve been missing. We’re talking about an uninterrupted 7-8 hours of rest.

#4 If you’re falling sick more often

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There are two vital body systems that are co-working with each other to help with your natural body detoxification. That is the cardiovascular circulatory system and the lymphatic drainage system. Your heart is the powerhouse to pump blood throughout the body and the lymphatic circulation on the other hand flushes toxins out of the body as well as transports immune cells to fend against infections. 

Poor circulation results in toxins not being expelled fast enough and accumulate within the body. So if you’ve been falling sick more often recently, your body is sending you SOS signals!

#5 If you’re under a lot of stress

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Did you know that stress reduces your ability to metabolise and detoxify? When you’re under a lot of stress, it affects the enzymes that break down fats and detoxify prescription drugs. Stress can also increase your body’s level of toxicity by increasing your desire for high-fat and high-sugar foods. 🤯

#6 If you’re feeling lethargic all the time

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Are you always feeling groggy, sluggish and tired all the time that even caffeine fails to cheer you up? You may be suffering from adrenal fatigue. An excess amount of toxins can lead to stress on your adrenal glands which causes dysfunctional adrenal and contributes to exhaustion and sleepiness. 

#7 If you’ve stubborn fats and cellulite you can’t get rid of 

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An accumulation of toxins will slow down your body’s metabolism and lead to weight gain. This is because fat cells will absorb the lipophilic toxins and store them in the body as fats, so as to prevent them from affecting your vital organs. Once stored in the body as fats, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of them and there’s a high probability they will stay on for good. 

So what’s more important is to prevent an accumulation of toxins in the first place…

#8 If you’ve not tried it before 

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Okay, this is completely irrelevant but if you’ve not tried a Meridian Body Detox Therapy before, this is your sign to give your body a well-deserved break.

Try: Estetica’s Meridian Detox Body Treatment 

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that our body has meridian lines which flow through the body, each associated with different organs. A blocked meridian pathway therefore means that there is poor energy flow, leading to an imbalance within the body system. 

Introducing our latest Meridian Detox Body Treatment, which uses a TCM bojin method to unblock meridian pathways by stimulating acupoints to boost blood circulation and regulate disrupted ‘qi’ (气), accelerating the body’s natural self-healing process and detoxifying the body from the inside out.

It doesn’t actually stop here. The Meridian Detox Body Treatment also helps to release knots in deep tissues and muscles, relieving body aches and tensions. After the treatment, you will feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated. 

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To celebrate the launch of this new treatment, we are now offering new Estetica customers an exclusive trial price of just $98 (U.P. $120), plus receive an additional $10 off if you purchase our e-voucher now! 

In good hands,