Wondering about your Asian skin? Look no further!

When it comes to skincare, understanding the unique characteristics of different skin types is crucial. Asian skin, in particular, possesses some intriguing traits that sets it apart from other ethnicities. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into 6 interesting facts about Asian skin and explore some recommendations that cater specifically to its needs. 

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 1. Asian Skin Ages Slower

If you’ve ever heard the saying “Asians don’t raisin”, well, there’s actually some truth to it. Starting off on a positive note, Asian skin tends to age at a slower pace compared to other ethnicities. 

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This can be attributed to various factors, including genetics and lifestyle choices. The higher levels of melanin in Asian skin provide a natural defense against harmful UV rays, which then helps to prevent premature ageing. 

Additionally, Asian skin tends to have a thicker dermis with more collagen, which helps maintain its elasticity and youthful appearance.

 2. Asian Skin Scars More Easily

Mmmm…Nothing’s perfect!

While our Asian skin has many admirable qualities, it’s also more prone to marks compared to other ethnicities.

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Yup, our Asian skin’s melanocytes produce more pigment, which can lead to a higher incidence of blemishes after an injury or post-inflammation. 

To reduce marks and further enhance the youthful glow of our Asian skin, Estetica Diamond Sparkler Treatment is one treatment you cannot miss for those concerned about skin scarring. This treatment has an exceptional five-star rating to slough off excessive dead skin cells on the skin’s surface and speed up the process of skin renewal, restoring clearer, smoother and more luminous complexion. 

Say goodbye to your scars!

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To improve smoothen rough skin texture and brighten dull complexion at home, ést lab’s LumiWhite 10% PHA Resurfacing Glow Serum is the answer.

This serum gently exfoliates and resurfaces the skin, promoting epidermal cell renewal and correcting uneven skin tone. Furthermore, it lightens existing hyperpigmentation, marks, and dark spots, enhancing the overall skin radiance and luminosity.

Holy grail for glowing skin, no doubt!

3. Asian Skin Tends to be More Oily

If you’ve ever complained about your skin feeling greasy at the end of a long day (or even by mid-day), don’t worry, it’s not a “you problem”. Oily skin is a common characteristic of our Asian skin because we have more sebaceous glands.

The increased sebum production can result in enlarged pores, acne breakouts, and an overly-shiny complexion. 

Not the Korean dewy glass skin look though…

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Estetica’s AquaGlow Peel is an effective treatment for those struggling with oily skin, as it effectively decongests clogged pores, removes excessive dead skin cells and prevents breakouts.

This new generation skin rejuvenation treatment utilises a highly pressurised jet of oxygen and painless vacuum suction to deep cleanse pores and remove impurities. Simultaneously, super-serums are infused into the skin, moisturising, brightening, and plumping it. Also, by gently exfoliating the stratum corneum layer, it effectively removes dead skin cells and sebum. This peel clears clogged pores, and promotes brighter and healthier-looking skin.

To complement your salon treatments, you’ll also need a comprehensive skincare routine to combat acne-prone and oily skin. 

ést lab’s PurClear Multi-Biotic Balancing Cream has a unique formula containing a 2% blend of pre- and post-biotic bioactives to boost the good bacteria on the skin’s surface while inhibiting undesirable bacterial growth. 

With its focus on strengthening the skin’s microbiome, this water-based cream combats acne breakouts and restores clarity to troubled complexions. Besides being an acne-buster, it also has brightening, smoothening, and restructuring benefits, so waste no time in getting acquainted with oily skin’s new best buddy!

4. Asian Skin is More Sensitive

While we Asians have a thicker dermis, we also have a thinner epidermal barrier and a lower level of natural moisturising factors (NMF). What this means is that we have heightened skin sensitivity and are more prone to irritations.

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Fret not, as Estetica’s Advanced Cryo+ Freeze Therapy comes to the rescue for individuals with sensitive skin. 

With its -10°C freezing temperature, this treatment effectively reduces inflammation by constricting blood vessels and diminishing swelling. 

Additionally, it calms redness by cooling the skin’s surface and soothes irritation by numbing the nerve endings with its extreme cold temperature, providing relief from itching, burning, and stinging sensations.

If you’re experiencing a sudden flare-up, you need to try ést lab’s ActivCalm Quick Soothing SOS Serum, which is a fast-acting soothing serum designed to relieve irritated skin instantly.

Drawing upon the concept of neurocosmetics, this serum contains mood-enhancers that impart anti-irritant and soothing benefits to the skin, reducing sensitivity and redness. Additionally, it acts as an anti-pollution defense shield, preventing premature ageing caused by inflammation and oxidative stress. 

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5. Asian Skin Loses Moisture More Easily

Did you know that our Asian skin also has a tendency to lose moisture more rapidly? With the same reasons above, our Asian skin has a thinner stratum corneum and lower levels of NMF, this means that our skin may suffer from dehydration, lines and wrinkles,  and a lacklustre complexion more easily.

Oh no!

To combat this, Estetica’s Needle-Less Skin Booster Mesotherapy provides an immediate boost of hydration with no pain, downtime, or side effects. 

By using advanced gas-liquid infiltration technology, this non-invasive treatment infuses proprietary skin boosters into the deeper layers of the skin. It boosts collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid levels, resulting in improved firmness, elasticity, and intense moisturisation. The essential nutrients, antioxidants, and peptides in this treatment maximise your skin’s suppleness.

If you’re looking to nourish your skin with intense hydration, ést lab’s ActivCalm Skin Quenching Serum is an exceptional choice.

Simply fail-proof.

This serum utilises electrolytes to draw moisture into the skin barrier, ensuring long-lasting hydration. It incorporates amino acids, PCA, and saccharides, which work together to create a holistic approach for extra hydration. Perfect for all skin types and Asian skin, it’s non-greasy without clogging pores, yet it leaves your skin hydrated, supple, and healthy.

6. Asian Skin is More Prone to Hyperpigmentation

Do you have problems with blotchy patches? Hyperpigmentation is a common concern among individuals with Asian skin like us. Similar to being more prone to scarring, the excessive melanin production in our skin can lead to the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin tone, and dullness. 

No worries because there are ways to salvage it, for instance, Estetica’s Oxygeneo 3-in-1 Therapy is a superlative treatment that combines gentle exfoliation, infusion of antioxidants and nutrients, and skin oxygenation to naturally oxygenate the skin. 

Opt for the NeoBright Capsule to brighten and improve texture, this therapy offers remarkable results in just one session.

Witness your glowing skin transformation.

For a powerful brightening homecare formula, ést lab’s LumiGlow TXA Brightening Cream promises crazy transformations. It’s clinically proven to reduce the size of pigmentation spots, thoroughly illuminates dull skin, lightens dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and corrects discoloration. By inhibiting melanin transfer and hindering the melanogenesis process, this cream helps you tone up and achieve radiant-glowing skin.

Whew! That’s all the 6 facts about our Asian skin. They’re kooky right? We think so too.

Without a doubt, understanding the unique characteristics of Asian skin can help address its specific concerns and enhance the natural beauty of your Asian skin. It’s time to embrace your skin’s uniqueness. 

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Asian skin for the win!

In good hands,