We promise it’s easier than a digital detox.

You’ve probably heard of a body detox, a mental detox, a digital detox but a skin detox? Not exactly a novel concept, a skin detox means removing all impurities, toxins, pollutants, and dead skin cells possible to renew and revitalise your skin back to how it normally looks — or, maybe if you detox right, better than it’s ever been before.

And if you need more reasons to embark on a skin detoxification journey, let us give you not 1, but 5 good reasons why your skin needs a detox, right about NOW!

1. Pollution + Stress = Premature Ageing

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Living in an urban city such as Singapore, we are exposed to constant blue light exposure from digital devices and air pollution such as haze. Coupled with stress from work, family and/or (fake) friends, your body and skin will start waving the white flag if you don’t start doing something about it. These may manifest in the form of poor immune system for the body and premature ageing for the face, which means free radical damage, collagen breakdown and appearance of lines and wrinkles. No one wants to look haggard and older than they actually are.

2. Sedentary lifestyle

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Where the norm sees a majority of us working a 9-6 office routine, and often just lazing around after a full day of work, what happens is that our body does not get enough exercise. And such a sedentary lifestyle does negatively affect our body. Our body consists of many major organs such as the kidney, liver and more, which has a natural ability to dispel toxins through the lymphatic system. However when we are constantly in a state of rest – sitting or lying – our body is not able to effectively dispel these toxins. In turn, these will be reflected on our skin in the form of dullness, acne, pigmentation, loss of elasticity and dark eye circles.

3. Poor lifestyle habits

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The title says it all. If you’re not already aware, alcohol and smoking may cause premature ageing and dull and dehydrated skin, while consumption of excessive sugar and sodium can lead to acne breakouts and water retention respectively. Not drinking enough water is equally bad for you too, as water is necessary to help regulate your body and organs, and also a great tool in flushing toxins out of your body. If you’re guilty of any of the above, yes you need a skin detox.

4. Wrong use of skincare

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Do you know your skin type? Are you using the right skincare products for your skin? If you answered yes to these 2 questions, congratulations you’re on the right track. However, not everyone is a skincare aficionado. If you’ve been skipping your moisturiser because you’ve oily skin, or if you’re not exfoliating your skin because you’ve sensitive skin, you might be doing it all wrong. Using the wrong products or following the wrong skincare regime might do more harm than good for your skin. It’s high time to give your skin a much-needed reboot.

5. COVID-19

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It’s easy to blame COVID-19 for everything – sedentary lifestyle (no thanks to gym closures), poor diet (hello foodpanda, deliveroo and grabfood!), wfh stress (does work really end at 6pm?)… and the list goes on. The pandemic has changed our daily routine and while some of us have already adapted to the new norm, the rest of us are still trying to grapple with the dreaded MASK-NE (acne caused by mask-wearing). If you’ve tried almost everything to resolve your mask-ne woes, maybe it’s time to try a skin detox.

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It’s easy to list the problems but what about the solution? Of course, we’re not going to leave you in the lurch. 

Here’s the real deal: Introducing Estetica’s NEW Meridian Detox Facial, which combines established Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques with award-winning skincare products to dispel toxins and unlock naturally radiant and youthful skin. While most facials focus only on your skin’s outward appearance, the Meridian Detox Facial stimulates the body to self-heal from the inside out for longer-lasting results!

An 8-Step facial with Bojin (拨筋) Therapy, the Meridian Detox Facial promises to leave you walking out of the salon with instantly brighter and more radiant skin, and a lifted facial contour with reduced puffiness. Bojin Therapy works in a similar manner to Gua Sha, but without the redness that Gua Sha leaves behind. It utilises an oxhorn tool to massage your face along the body’s Meridian lines to unblock your Meridian points, thereby promoting Qi (气) flow and skin detoxification.

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In Good Hands,