It’s never too late to pamper your mom

Mother’s Day might be happening this weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find reasons to pamper our mom even after it’s over! We’ve put together a list of facial treatments for every mom out there, and all you have to do is pick out which suits her best! Bring her on a girls’ day out, and just lie back, relax and enjoy!

For the on-the-go mom: Biopure Facial

Do you find your mom always out and about, or that she has more of a social life than you do? Pamper her with the Biopure Facial, an award-winning facial which offers super oxygenating detoxification treatment. Developed specifically for the busy city dwellers, this pollution-fighting facial helps to clear and protect the skin, whilst providing one with healthy, glowing skin! We’re sure mom’s friends would be envious of her improved skin condition too!

For the jet-setting mom: Hydra Clinic Facial

Perhaps mom is living it up, and jetting off to a new country every month? Her skin would probably be in need of lots of hydration and care! Poor air conditions in the plane, and temperate changes could lead to dry and sensitive skin! The Hydra Clinic Facial utilises Intelligent Hydro-Lipids, which is capable of capturing the water molecules available in the environment, storing them and then sharing them with the skin as soon as it becomes dehydrated. Mom would certainly be thankful for the help in caring for her skin!

For the #instamom: Skinjexion Facial

Is mom on social media even more than you? If you find that she’s taking a lot more selfies than you are, or getting you to help her take an #ootd shot every other day, then this is the treatment for her! The Skinjexion Facial works just like a botox treatment would, only without being invasive at all! Trust us when we say that mom would be pleased with how supple and bouncy her skin looks, without having to MTXX her photos!

Bonus: Give her more reasons to be satisfied with the BB Dewy Shine Treatment, which promises a #iwokeuplikethis look! The BB Dewy Shine Treatment is a semi-permanent make-up which helps to cover up the appearance of large pores, uneven and dull skin tone, pigmentation scars and blemishes. Its brightening effects would provide mom with a flawless skin that doesn’t require any filters at all!

For the working mom: Vitamin Energy Facial

If mum holds a full-time job and takes care of the family too, then we gotta say she’s a Supermom! And Supermoms are definitely deserving of a super treatment! The Vitamin Energy Facial consists of 4 serums, 2 masks, and a massage with the Premedikl Energetic T.Bar. The T.Bar boasts 6, 000 micro-vibrations per minute to stimulate the formulation of collagen, activate blood circulation and promote the removal of toxins. Formulated with multiple vitamins, this facial treatment helps to target fatigue and energises the skin for a revitalised look! Give mom’s skin and spirit a boost with this facial today!

For the stressed-out mom: Sensitive Pro Facial

Being a mom isn’t an easy job at all. They are on call 24/7, 7 days a week, and this can amount to A LOT of stress. We say, help mom destress with a calming facial treatment! The Sensitive Pro Facial, twice awarded for “Best Calming Facial” and “Most Soothing Facial” is just what she needs! This facial helps to repair and protect fragile skin against physical oxidative stress & psychological (nervous) stress to boost the skin’s resilience to external aggressions. You can be sure that mom would be walking out of this facial feeling much more relaxed than she did walking in!

Have you found the perfect facial for mom yet? Schedule an appointment for her at any one of our 7 outlets islandwide today!

In Good Hands,