Your 4-week countdown to bright and merry skin

Festive Beauty Fix: dull and lacklustre skin

OK… just 2 weeks more for the fat man in the red suit to come shimmying down our chimneys (or HDB garbage chutes?) bearing fabulous gifts of Yuletide joy! Speaking of fabulous gifts, you’re a blog away from an awesome glistening Christmas, and I’m not talking about a new ring on that finger! I’m referring to getting your skin glistening and bright to match those festive lights! So if your problem is dull skin, read on is what I say!

Dullness on our skin can be caused by several factors including insufficient sleep, not drinking enough water, the build-up of dead skin cells, poor removal of makeup and a general lack of moisture. The accumulated stress we place on our skin daily can also cause our skin to become dry and flaky, which leads to a sallow and lacklustre complexion. Now, a good moisturizer fills in those fissures because by adding lipids (the natural fats of the skin) onto your skin, it seals up the gaps between skin cells, revealing a smooth and reflective surface. So if you were one of our winners from last week, good for you! wink_smile

Three weeks to go: add the serum sparkle

So a good Moisturizer lays the platform for smooth and glowing skin. However, by itself, most moisturizers are unable to effect healing properties on already damaged skin; for that, we use serums, a highly concentrated dose of actives that target specific skin problems and act as a powerful booster to multiply the effects of glow and nourishment to dull skin. Applying a serum underneath your sunscreen or moisturizer twice a day will not only aid in recovering damaged skin, it would further form a protective barrier on the skin so that moisture is locked in and skin remains youthful.

Thanks to its excellent hygroscopic properties – the ability to bind with large quantities of water molecules, Estetica’s ést.lab ActivCalm Hyalusol HA+ Serum helps to retain moisture & replenish our body’s natural hyaluronic acid. This serum is especially penetrative as it contains a high percentage of sodium hyaluronate, which has a smaller molecular size than Hyaluronic Acid, and is able to hold water than any other natural substance – up to 1,000 times its weight in water! It forms a non-occlusive layer on skin surface with the dual functions of protecting & moisturizing, keeping the skin supple from inside out. Say hi to bouncy, supple skin in no time!

Well, I bet you’re all ready for a giveaway?!

Get your hands on the Estetica ést.lab ActivCalm Hyalusol HA+ Serum this week, as we’re giving away this serum worth S$160 to 3 very lucky winners. To qualify, just complete the following steps:

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*T&Cs: Giveaway is open to people residing in Singapore only. Submission of entries will close on 17th Dec 2016, 23:59. Winners will be chosen and notified by 24th Dec 2016. Prizes have to be collected from Estetica @ Plaza Singapura #06-18 within 1 month of notification, otherwise the prize will be forfeited. Prizes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash. Estetica management has to the right to amend terms and conditions of the giveaways as it deems fit.

This is the second of our four-part series of Estetica Christmas Sunday Giveaways. Drop by our blog the following Sunday (18th Dec) for the next giveaway!

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