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SunShield SPF 50 (30ml)


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Advanced UVA & UVB protection with new breakthrough SmartVector® UV technology. Multiple benefits - UV Protection, Whitening, Moisturizing, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Oxidant, Soothing, Concealer, Sheer Coverage
SunShield SPF 50 is a broad spectrum UV block with high SPF factor to provide long-lasting protection against sun burn and photo ageing. An essential component to all beauty regimes, safeguard your skin from harmful rays with advanced UVA and UVB protection today. Winner of Best Tinted Moisturizer in The Singapore Women’s Weekly 2014 Best of Beauty Buys, SunShield SPF 50 is a broad spectrum UV block that provides long-lasting protection against sunburn and photoageing. Gentle enough for everyday use, the sunscreen changes colour upon application to compliment your skin tone perfectly. It also doubles up as a tinted make-up base to conceal blemishes and provide sheet coverage Utilising SmartVector® UV technology, the colour change also signifies the activation of UV-sensitive DNA micro-capsules to release Vitamins C & E to protect your skin upon UV exposure.
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Brand ést.lab
sunshield SPF 50
jasmine Sep 28, 2014
Just started using it. I have sensitive and combination skin and this sunscreen work quite well on me. It not too oily or sticky compare to what I'm using previously. Before i try estetica sunshield i don't wear sunscreens everyday as i don't like the sticky or oily feeling but I'm sure i will wear it everyday after i tried this sunshield.
Lightens my scars while protecting it from the harmful UV Ray!
Linda, Beauty Blogger Sep 8, 2014
That is one amazing tube of magic. The tube that cut down my time and money and hassle. The all-in-one sunshield is all I need before my makeup now. *jumping in joy* ést.lab Sunshield contain multiple benefits - UV Protection, Whitening, Moisturizing, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Oxidant, Soothing, Concealer, Sheer Coverage. Advanced UVA & UVB protection with new breakthrough SmartVector® UV technology.
Estetica's SunShield is Really Quite Awesome
Sophia ( Makeup Blogette) Sep 8, 2014
I really love this feature of the sunscreen. And I can even skip my foundation or bb cream after this. On days when I wear this out for my morning jog, and when I towel off the sweat off my face, I can see that it is actually tinted (the towel is slightly stained like how foundations do).
Sheer, dewy finish; Great as a base for make-up
Joanna Koh (Professional Make-Up Artist) Apr 18, 2014
As I gently smoothen it onto my face, it starts changing it’s colour to my skin tone! There are no white streaks, it’s featherlight, and leaves a sheer, dewy finish. Great for Singapore’s climate and summer. Featherweight texture, smooth application and moisturising, it’s a good all-in-one quick morning solution and works great as a base for makeup.
One of the best sunscreen ever!
Larry Yeo (Professional Make-Up Artist) Apr 18, 2014
This is one of the best sunscreen ever!!! Transparent and work amazingly well as a base! And also holds well against water/sweat! (I wore it to swim!)
High SPF coverage + sheer finish
TG Goh (Make-up artist with more than 20 years of experience) Jan 1, 2014
Love its high SPF coverage and sheer finish that adapts to your skin tone.
Stay Natural and Fresh-looking 24/7
Wanwei (http://www.rachrella.com/2013/11/rxrated-guide-to-fair-skin-estetica-spf.html) Jan 1, 2014
Overall, I'm impressed by the technology which allows this product to blend effortlessly into your skin. Usually when I embark on Korean Cosmetics Hauls in Myeondong, I purchase all sorts of BB/CC cream and they make me look like a geisha. This product however, allows me to stay natural and fresh looking 24/7!
Cici (http://www.theztyle.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=43569&do=blog&id=212439) Jan 1, 2014
最大的驚喜就一定是這支EST LAB的防哂霜,真的一支見效呀! 有美白、抗老、保濕以及遮瑕等功效 單看包裝覺得平平無奇 用上就知道是好東西了! 擠出來有白又有紅的,不是是要推開才會出現這些COLOUR的呢! 原本是一點點的小球囊,一推開就會爆出最新鮮的防哂成份呀! 我已經愛上了用它,用完後應該會買支貨SIZE來試用呢!因為它的遮瑕疵效果很好
ést.lab SunShield SPF 50
Jaicy Monique (http://crispychipz.blogspot.hk/2013/09/glamabox.html) Jan 1, 2014
質感亦是偏清爽的防曬霜,但推開後帶光澤感。 而且它很特別的,帶調色作用, 會由白色變成帶肉色,再慢慢溶合膚色。
不油膩, 感覺舒適
Ah Bee (http://blogs.elle.com.hk/wahwah1224/2013/09/17/glamabox-9/) Jan 1, 2014
突破性智能防護囊球技術 帶來高效UVA 及UVB防護 白色的防曬霜, 質地細滑柔軟 容易推抺, 而推抺後色澤會帶點變化 由奶白色變成雲母色調, 再變回透明 使用後肌膚表面帶有光澤 而且質地清爽。不油膩, 感覺舒適
不油膩, 感覺舒適
Ah Bee (http://blogs.elle.com.hk/wahwah1224/2013/09/17/glamabox-9/) Jan 1, 2014
突破性智能防護囊球技術 帶來高效UVA 及UVB防護 白色的防曬霜, 質地細滑柔軟 容易推抺, 而推抺後色澤會帶點變化 由奶白色變成雲母色調, 再變回透明 使用後肌膚表面帶有光澤 而且質地清爽。不油膩, 感覺舒適
漸漸變成自己的膚色, 很神奇呀!
Amy (http://www.theztyle.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=13681&do=blog&id=211070) Jan 1, 2014
這個防曬霜採用智能防護囊球技術, 含有海洋DNA的微型囊球體對紫外線非常敏感~ 智能的囊球只對受到紫外線照射的肌膚做出反映, 釋放有效的防護成份! 除了有SPF50的防曬度外, 更有保濕, 抗氧, 美白, 遮瑕, 潤色, 抗老及舒緩的功效~ 質地輕身易推, 而且不會笠膩~ 慢慢推開後會由白色cream狀變成淺橙色, 再漸漸變成自己的膚色, 很神奇呀! 這個防曬霜也可用作妝前底霜使用, 輕易修飾肌膚! ..
Definitely one of the best!
Lisa S, HK Celebrity, Supermodel and Host Dec 22, 2013
It's not often that I talk about specific cosmetics that i really love but this one is really worth it. I am all about getting the best sunscreen for your face and this one from Est.lab is definitely one of the best!
very sleek packaging, work like a CC cream
Patricia (http://sweetestsins.blogspot.sg/2013/07/est-lab-sunshield-review.html) Aug 7, 2013
My first impression of Est-lab Sunshield was that it has got a very sleek packaging. Unlike the usual sunscreen or sunblock, it comes in a pump tube. The first time that I tried Est-lab Sunshield out, I was quite surprised that it was white in color when you first squeeze it out from the tube but it changes to your skin tone after application just like CC cream! I like how versatile Est lab Sunshield is as it can be used alone for casual days out or on top of my regular liquid foundation on work days. Texture-wise, Est lab Sunshield has got a light consistency. It is also easy to blend. It gives a dewy look finish.
Good product
Annie Jul 2, 2013
have tried the travel-sized sample of this product redeemed from Estetica's facebook campaign. Really love this product and will buy one. It isn't sticky and absorbs to my skin very fast. With SPF 50, it's still quite light.
Long-lasting protection
Soh Xin Yi Cyndi (http://myfatpocket.com/blog/xinzz/2013/03/25/unveiling-my-blackbox/) Jun 21, 2013
"Long-lasting protection against sunburn and photo-aging. It is also a tinted sunscreen that can be used as a makeup base. It is non-comedogenic and is gentle enough for everyday use!"
Very impressive with new UV technology
Elaine (http://www.elaine73.blogspot.sg/2013/03/get-your-blackbox-today.html) Jun 21, 2013
"It was very impressive with the new UV technology! It is clear when applied, but changes to suit your skin tone. The use of mild emulsifiers and the choice of very light, non-comedogenic oils make this sunscreen gentle enough for everyday use.”
Moisturizing make-up base
Chrispytine (http://www.chrispytinetoo.blogspot.sg/2013/03/whats-in-that-black-box.html) Jun 21, 2013
"A tinted sunscreen that can be used as a moisturizing make-up base to conceal blemishes and provide sheer coverage. This travel size is perfect for me"
Make-up base to conceal blemishes
Nadnud (http://www.nadnut.com/2013/03/15/sponsored-review-blackbox/) Jun 21, 2013
"not only super long lasting but also acts as a makeup base to help conceal blemishes. Kills two birds with one stone for me."
Interesting technology
Roseanne (http://roseannetangrs.com/?p=18944214) Jun 21, 2013
"It actually comes out as having no color and then as you work it into the skin, it changes to the color of your face."
Blends perfectly
Fidelis Toh (http://theluckiestchick-.blogspot.sg/2013/03/unraveling-my-first-black-box.html) Jun 21, 2013
"It blends in perfectly with my skin! Because I'm quite tanned usually BB creams would make me look to fair etc. but this one blends in perfectly!"
Accommodate my skin color
Clara (http://www.dblchin.com/2013/03/black-box-curosity-satisfied-february.html) Jun 21, 2013
"I like how it adjusts to accommodate my skin color making it impossible to differentiate my actual skin tone and the product shade.”
very light, nice smell
Holly Jean (http://www.hollyjean.sg/2013/03/check-out-my-free-blackbox.html?m=1) Jun 21, 2013
"light and easily absorbed. I love that there's no yucky 'sunblock smell' when I apply this product on my body."
multi-function, very light
Peggy Chang (http://www.sixpegs.com/2013/03/fern-kiwi/#more-10372) Jun 21, 2013
"not just a sunscreen but also doubles up as a makeup base because it’s slightly tinted. Very light and not greasy like most sunscreens.”

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